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Core Courses

  1. GRC Fundamentals

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    GRC Fundamentals is part of the the GRC Professional (GRCP) Certification Program. GRC Fundamentals provides a series of online videos that help you understand and apply the GRC Capability Model; and pass the GRCP Exam to earn your GRC Professional certification.

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  2. GRC Audit Fundamentals

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    GRC Audit Fundamentals is part of the the GRC Audit (GRCA) Certification Program. GRC Audit Fundamentals builds on GRCP and teaches you how to provide assurance on GRC activities. The course prepares you for the GRC Audit (GRCA) Exam and Certification.

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GRC Tech Talks

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Tech Talk provides discussions with top executives and experts about how technology can be applied to GRC.

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GRC Certifications

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GRC Professional (GRCP) and GRC Audit (GRCA), validate your knowledge of GRC capabilities, and showcase your expertise in planning, assessing, and improving GRC to achieve Principled Performance.

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